Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Simyo to be the first mobile operator to launch free mobile games (advertising based) powered by mmCHANNEL and our partner Unkasoft

mmCHANNEL & UNKASOFT presents in Spain their last initiative. Both companies, thanks to the strategic alliance in the Mobile Marketing Arena, reached in 2009, will enable Simyo, the leader MVNO in Spain to be the first operator to offer free mobile games to all their client base, and to every customer in a close future.

You can also read more at XatakaMovil (Spanish only)
Link to Xataka Movil blog post on Simyo Free games powered by mmCHANNEL and its partner unkasoft' book
Simyo offers free games for mobile phones, including publicity for offering this kind of products freely. Adding publicity to the games, offers a new way of communication between customers and companies, not making the user experience weaker, but the opposite, making it more funny and close.

mmGAMING, the gaming product from mmCHANNEL, delivers innovation and flexibility to manage the mobile games life-cicle over time in order to maximise the service value with compelling consumer experiences.

Our games communications platfform, serves as social community hub, built around a brand and manages consumer propositions related to Premium Games, Incentivized games ( try before you buy, rental models – time, plays-, etc...) and opening doors of Mobile Advertising through our advergaming “on the fly” platform.

Once again, Simyo keeps on innovating not only within the MVNO's segment, but going ahead as well of the traditional MNO's, being the first mobile telephony operator to offer it's customers, free games with publicity. With this, Simyo reinforces the attractive existing actual offer in the digital wap & wep portals (reachable from any Simyo customer mobile phone or any computer), complementing the existing offer of Premium games, , as well as fulltrack, realtones & wallpapers.

Initially, it will be possible to find, among other games, some Zeemote Ready titles. Zeemote is the bluetooth device, that offers the best user experience possible as the customer is playing with a joystick in the handsets, in titles like, “Bubble Crashers”, “Valquiria” or “Bricks”, from the Advergaming company Unkasoft that has reached recently reached an strategic alliance with mmCHANNEL, current provider of all the entertainment portals of Simyo and KPN in Spain:

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