Friday, May 22, 2009

what makes companies successful: a nice chat in slovenia

I had last week the chance to enjoy dinner with my client in Slovenia (Music Manager Anita P
etrovcic, and my colleague Marc Rose. We did enjoy very different topics of conversation (life-work balance, motivations, etc..) and at some point talking abut respect on the workplace we discussed about which qualities of their personal make companies successful. Marc did emphasize about trust and honesty, which I consider great to have among a team but still not enough to be successful. Then him and Anita mentioned vision, which I think it is really important but still not enough. My take: ambition *understood as everyone's need to improve and grow themselves every day* and passion (to succeed, to have fun, to enjoy yourself and create value)

what is your take?


  1. How about full involvement?



  2. well I can't see passion without full involvement and viceversa, so it is a good one