Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Speaking at the MVNO Growth Markets Conference in Dubai

With the launch of the first MVNOs in Oman (Friendi and Renna) in the coming weeks, we will see the finalization of the first MVNOs in the Middle East (well there are several in Jordan so it will be more precise to say in the GCC)
I believe that it will take almost a year before we see the second wave, but clearly the players entering OMAN have a multi country strategy and probably the financial backing to do so (mostly friendi in this case)
Today we have the chance to listen to both companies CEOs (Mikkel Vinter from friendi Link to Mikkel public profile in Linkedin and Niklas Nielsen from Renna (Link to Niklas public profile in Linkedin and you can share their excitement as they have been working for over 2 years to get here
On my case I did a presentation (replacing last minute another speaker. Initially I was only going to speak tomorrow) but I believe I did add some value and a different point of view on how VAS presents an opportunity for these players. My presentation apart from a short presentation on mmCHANNEL did show some examples of players using VAS successfully (Simyo and Mobilking (PL)), opportunities specific to the GCC (labourer segments, youth population (over 45% of the population in the GCC is under 25), new business models as advergaming and UGC applications among others), the challenges to execute such offering and a summary
You can go to my linkedin profile (click on the upper right corner button) and you can see the presentation on slideshare
Enjoy and feedback welcome as I did try a different approach to the presentation, more visual, more engaging although if you just have the slides you may be missing something (my comments hopefully :-)

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