Thursday, January 29, 2009

The power of content oriented UGC propositions: a couple of examples

As you may know we at mmCHANNEL we have been focusing on transforming digital entertainment into communitainment propositions. One of our believes is that it is key to mix commercial content with UGC content and all of it with social media functionalities (recommendations, voting, friends like, send to a friend, etc..)

I wanted to show a couple of examples which really make a good point of how very simple content oriented propositions could be very successful

Adult oriented service: Mogasm

  • Users send their “erotic” pictures to be rated via MMS or Online. MNO makes sure that rating is equal or below the established parameters
  • Users can access pictures WEB or WAP depending on their orientation (boys / girls)
  • Users pay monthly subscription to rate pictures and have access to full catalogue
  • Users can engage with users generating content, send to a friend and more
  • Content is edited by MNO to make sure there are under defined rating

Even if on our opinion the service can evolve nicely and the user experience can greatly improved, the service has acquired a large number of users with high levels of interactions

Link to Mogasm WEB channel

Local Music scene
oriented service: GridStar

We are firm believers that local scene applications can generate lots of buzz, value added for all involved parties in the value chain (potential artists, consumers, MNO) and develop and give opportunities to less known artist

GridStar is one of the examples of how to develop this again on a very sample manner. Some of the functionalities of the service are:
  • A cellphone with video recording capabilities or video recorder is all people need: just point, record and upload video clips from mobile or a PC
  • Once registered, users can also post comments and rate videos while a resident talent scout provides ongoing commentary about the progress and performance of the submitted entries.
  • The gridstar finalists are selected based on votes from users, MNO's judging panel and resident talent scout .
  • There are monthly winner, a big year winner and different gigs around the country with the finalist

    Link to Gridstar WEB channel &
    Link to Gridstar WAP channel

    More on our development of such services will be coming up in the following weeks and we will discuss many of them at the WMC in Barcelona in February

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