Saturday, January 17, 2009

The best of CES

Once CES, the largest consumer electronics show in the world , is over let me show you a summary coming from Fran Valseca, whom is part of mmCHANNEL commercial and content team and complements this blog with is interesting Technalia blog
Link to Fran Valseca Blog

He also recommends to read
Angel Jimenez de Luis from his Gadgetoblog.
Link to Angel Jimenez El Mundo Blog on CES summaryBlog
He takes a simple approach to summarize the main stars of the show, What is it? The Best and the worst

These has been the 10 most important products from the show:

1.Palm Pre
2.Sony Vaio P
4.Samsung Luxia 7000
5.Windows 7 BETA
6.Televisión y juegos en 3D
8.iRiver Wave Home
9.Casio Exilim FC100
10.Kodak ZX1

We are curious to see if Palm new phone is going to be sufficient to get the company back on track and out of a very negative trend and trajectory, Flatwire with its new intelligente wired concept. To see if Microsoft recovers the time lost with Vista and if the widget concept is working on TV sets around the world

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