Sunday, January 4, 2009

2009 is here, I can´t wait

Tomorrow I will be coming for the first time into the office in 2009
I have been doing my To Do tonight for the first week and preparing my January travel agenda so far and there is already so much in there!!! Unbelievable. I can´t wait to start tomorrow organizing, developing new materials, working on the different proposals we have on the table, planning with our clients new developments,...
Before the WMC we need to achieve lots of things, so I am asking my team so set up not just Q1 objectives but week by week objectives to be able to review them together often
with so many things to do it is going to be key to be able to put priorities and make sure we do first things first (Mr. Covey at work again :-)

Let´s get some sleep tomorrow is just 6 hours ahead

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