Saturday, August 2, 2008

Reflections from Qatar

I am having the opportunity to spend some time this weekend in Doha with my friend and now Vodafone GCC and Qatar CEO Grahame Maher and part of his extended team (both internal and partners). They are really doing some thinking out of the box and putting on the table interesting ideas. If execution follows this will be one to follow. We hope from mmCHANNEL and mmC Group point of view we can help them in this execution in different ways

I was chatting with Grahame, Andrea and Chris Taylor (one of the partners of Origami, a brand & communications agency and helping Grahame here in Qatar) about the good and bads of the Blackberry and the new patterns of communication. Although we all agree that the BB adds lots of flexibility to our lives and that if we control when we use and when we dont it can be of great use we tend to believe that the new patterns of communication with an extensive usage of BB. mobile, laptops, etc... create two negative effects: attention spam of people has been reduced dramatically and people do have much less respect from previously assigned agenda or meetings (meaning as you can always phone saying I am 10 minutes late people believes being 10 minutes late is then fine)

We are probably the first ones very guilty about it but interesting to spend some personal time on how I can improve these 2 factors on my life and on our team

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