Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A view of my trip to Venezuela

We have the opportunity to spend (both one of my partners Fran Gonzalez and I) discussing our products and some strategic issues around convergence and multimedia content. We had different and interesting conversations with top people in the Telco world in that country.

But I wanted to talk about an interesting idea and campaign taken place in some of the State owned companies. The campaign is around the usage of Spanish (or "castellano" as they called in Latam) instead of English. This sounds normal, but not so much if you are working in business in Spanish speaking countries where words like marketing, laptop, gap, brainstorming, feedback.. are part of our everyday vocabulary and changing them by now is a very difficult task, Wanted to add some pictures so you see how internal communication is being used for this idea

Agreeing or not with the content of this campaign, I founded fascinating mainly being a person (and a company) where we combine expressions from different languages (although main ones being Spanish and English) and where words in English are part of my everyday vocabulary

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