Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A short comment/note about the iPhone after a brief first encounter with the device

I did make an assessment on the iPhone when the initial product was released based on the available information at that time.

But the reality has hit us at this point and I have had the chance to briefly come in contact with the product (I will be in the US for a couple of weeks in August so plan to go to an apple store and experience the product much better). Some initial comments about it:

Some pros
• The product looks very good and feels very good
• The quality of the screen is superb
• The multimedia software is really impressive (pictures and video management) and the capacity to move landscape (by sensing) is really a new industry standard
• WIFI connectivity is easy to use

Some cons
• It is not a light device. It does weight much more than the pearl or the SE W880
• It is too big to be comfortable as a intense voice usage device (it fill almost your entire palm)
• The lack of keyboard (and its virtual keyboard) is not great (although I am sure that you can get used to it and make an OK email device but not for corporates)
• It lacks 3G which will be an issue especially in Europe

I am being concise and maybe over-simplifying but wanted to make some easy and quick notes

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