Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lack of ambition and Values (Part B)

But lately I have observed something even worse which is people lack of values (I know that I am generalizing so please don’t feel offended by that). I mean the basic courtesy rules of answering calls or offers. The value of your word vs. written documents, the level of personal compromise and the courage to face people and tell them just “no”. Let me give you some examples to illustrate my words. A candidate who signs an offer and send it back to us. The same candidate calls one day before the official entry date and says that it has decided not to start with us after getting a counteroffer (why does the person talk to the existing company before accepting the offer not to get to this situation?). A candidate who takes an offer and when asked for his admin data (social security number and similar) says “in fact don’t start that yet because I may have an offer near my house” (my answer was that in fact it the person only value the number of subway stops to work we were not really interested ourselves. Last but not least a candidate which we dedicated more than 6 weeks to convince, come to our office more than 4 times and was even invited to BD meetings in order for this person to understand his future role better. The person accepted the offer but asked for an additional 4 weeks to leave the company he worked for in good terms which although we need him asap we said not an issue (as we will like our employees to have the same courtesy with us). As weeks did go and go we were just 3-4 days for his new starting date and he made no effort to contact us. Finally called him to see what was going on and after several tries confronted him and he finally said to me that he was offered more money to stay extra time and finalize his current project. He decided to take this offer without even discussing this with us but supposedly he was still interested on working with us after that. The person was supposed to call a month later to discuss with us. He did not have the courage to call and we did retire the offer

I am not saying we are perfect as I am sure we make many mistakes but you will never accused us of not being transparent, always go with the truth in advance and try to be as courteous as we can (e.g. there is so many times that after 10 minutes you know the person you are interviewing will not make the cut. However you dedicate the person the 90 minutes we always do to everyone, give the person to ask questions and then provide feedback on why we believe there is no fit). I will just love for people to treat us the same way

Once more I am very happy with the team we have now, the people we have recruited in the past 9 months and the culture everyone is helping to create. Also I am so thankful to the team’s commitment and looking forward to adding new players

See you soon

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  1. Building trust in the interviews is important. I have to recognize that the selection process I followed before joining this start-up made me feel more comfortable (interview environment, follow-up,…) than in other companies that use the conventional rules and that treat candidates like “numbers to test”. And of course, accordingly both the candidate and the company should answer each other respectfully.