Sunday, December 24, 2006

Starting here (but really the adventure started long time ago)

I am finally here, it has taken me a long time and I have finally found both time and the right media
When creating my first startup back in 2004 in London (London office on Greenwich Consulting) I started writing a diary about our adventure and the IN&OUTs of that adventure. I left the diary as I left Greenwich but neither I left my learnings on that adventure or my passion to create and grow my own company
12 months ago (actually in December 05) both Carlos and Pedro (founders of mmchannel) start discussing with me the possibility of joining them at mmchannel, a small software development company which has been doing well in a small scale but was ready to dream to become a bigger thing
As mmChannel started focusing on a single product called mmPLAY, a triple play media delivery platform solution and packaged for the quickly emerging digital music world, the adventure become more and more attractive. After a trip to Brazil to do BD development in that country the decision was made, there was chemestry among us and we believe that despite all the work ahead and compiting with giants in this business (loudeye, musicwave, 24/7 and more) there was a space for us
In order to make the proposition more compelling and our self financing strategy more solid we also developed mmCONSULTING (a boutique telecom strategy firm) and all together we created the mmC Group. Also Fran joined us and we completed the management team for our first wave of growth
And here we are, 6 months later we have changed our business model for mmChannel, have had our first international wins, move into new premises, keep developing mmCONSULTING and mazimize the synergies among the 2 companies
And now it is time for resting in Christmas, however I can stop thinking about the company and our next 6 months. I can also keep thinking about our 3 challenges developing a strong culture and motivating our employees (specially our developers team), recruting top talent and maximize our growth opportunities while still managing cash flow
Stay tuned

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  1. Hei Cris,
    What about the long time meetings and expensive dinners in different countries that I had to pay to get you in? Shouldn't they be remarked in this post? Now seriously, good idea this post....