Friday, December 29, 2006

Communication and expectations management

I have been talking before about the importance to have a company identity and how important communication is to create and share a mission. From the beginning we the management have been doing a huge effort to communicate in a very straightforward manner, which I may say is not a usual thing in Spain (at least that is my view). We try to tell people very clearly what we are, what we are looking for, how they are doing, etc... In the same way we try to communicate the company performance and evolution to employees, nevertheless this has also caused issues and have made us changed a little bit the way we do things (more the how than the what).
Being a passionate team as we are we trying to communicate to people potential sales, opportunities, and changes. What happens is that many of these opportunities even if our passion or optimism may tell us that they were very much there, at the end (specially at the beginning of our operations) they ended up not happening for one reason and another. Employees have seen this not as an effort from us to share the pipeline or potential chances but as a lack of credibility on our side. We have to consider that we are talking at the same time to programmers, business developers, consultants, HR and finance staff and their level of understanding and "big picture" view is very different. For this reason and although we still believe in over communicating, we have management sharing discussions where we discuss what to communicate but more importantly how to communicate and how to relate to past communications

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